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KAZOO Support Channels

This documentation is curated by 2600Hz as part of the KAZOO open source project. Join our community forums here for peer support. Only features in the space are included as part of our 2600Hz Support Services plan.

TwiML Format#

Pivot supports a subset of TwiML to help ease you into Pivot with an existing TwiML-based application.

Core Supported#

Default Request Data included#

Request Parameter Kazoo Name Description
CallerName Caller-ID-Name Name of the caller, if any
Direction Direction Direction of the call (outbound if Kazoo originated the call, inbound otherwise)
ApiVerson N/A Version string related to API changes
CallStatus N/A What state the call is currently in
To To-User Dialed number
From From-User Caller's number, if available
AccountSid Account-ID Account ID processing the call
CallSid Call-ID Unique identifier of the call leg

Optional/Conditional Request Data#

Request Parameter Kazoo Name Description
RecordingUrl Recording-URL Where a recording will be sent (via HTTP PUT request)
RecordingDuration Recording-Duration Length of the recording, if available
RecordingSid Media-Name Name of the recording file
Digits DTMF-Pressed The DTMF(s) (touch tone) pressed by the caller
DialCallStatus N/A Call status of the b-leg
DialCallSid Other-Leg-Unique-ID Call-ID of the b-leg
DialCallDuration Billing-Seconds How many billable seconds the call lasted

Other optional data includes user-defined key/value pairs stored using the verb below.

TwiML Verbs#

Verb Description Nestable Verbs and Nouns
Connect the caller to other endpoints plain text DID, , , , ,
Record the caller
Collect DTMFs from the caller ,
Play a media file (mp3, wav) to the caller
Say Use a TTS engine to say the supplied text
Redirect Like an HTTP Redirect, make another HTTP request
Pause Pause callflow execution for supplied number of seconds
Hangup Hangup the caller
Reject Reject (and don't answer - won't start billing) the call

Custom Verbs#

Verb Description Nestable Nouns
Key value pair(s) to store along-side the call

Core TwiML Nouns#

Noun Description
Conference room endpoint for
Call queue to line callers up in
DID with extended attributes
ID of an existing Kazoo User (works like the User callflow element
ID of an existing Kazoo Device
SIP URI to dial

Custom Nouns#

Noun Description
Includes 'key' and 'value' attributes; values will be put subsequent requests

Using Pivot#

  1. Create a Pivot callflow to point to your webserver URL
  2. When a call is placed to the Pivot callflow, your webserver will receive a request
  3. Generate a response, using your language of choice, in a supported format
    1. See sample for some example PHP scripts
  4. Marvel at how easy that was