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KAZOO Support Channels

This documentation is curated by 2600Hz as part of the KAZOO open source project. Join our community forums here for peer support. Only features in the space are included as part of our 2600Hz Support Services plan.


Two ways of logging hangups. One can receive alerts via:

  • Email
  • JSON sent as POST to a URL
  • Or both

Mind that if POSTing JSON fails for whatever reason, an email will be sent instead.

Email Notifications Configuration#

You must update the smtp_client document in system_config in order to receive emails from Notify. There are a couple ways to do this.

Sup Commands#

Configure the smtp_client via the command line using sup.

sup notify_maintenance configure_smtp_relay
sup notify_maintenance configure_smtp_username username
sup notify_maintenance configure_smtp_password password
sup notify_maintenance configure_smtp_auth always
sup notify_maintenance configure_smtp_port 123

Couch document#

Update your the smtp_client document via couch manually. Should look like this. Example:

   "_id": "smtp_client",
   "default": {
       "relay": "",
       "username": "username",
       "password": "password",
       "auth": "always",
       "port": "587",
   "pvt_account_id": "system_config",
   "pvt_account_db": "system_config",
   "pvt_created": 63581123482,
   "pvt_modified": 63581123482,
   "pvt_type": "config",
   "pvt_node": ""

After you modify this document to ensure kazoo has the latest config in the cache.

sup notify_maintenance reload_smtp_configs

Update templates#

sup notify_maintenance refresh_template

JSON POSTing Configuration#

Receiving email can be turned on/off by setting enable_email_alerts to true/false (respectively).

The URL through which to receive JSON is ruled by the subscriber_url field. It takes a string representing a valid URL pointing to a valid server. In case this string is causing issues, notify will log the complaint and the method picked up will be email.

The JSON sent has the following fixed fields:

  • Message: the error message emitted
  • Format: the format string of Message. You can match against this field.
  • Subject: subject field if it were an email
  • Details: error-specific information

Setting the system up#

Via Erlang#

Config = <<"notify.system_alert">>.
{ok, _NewConf} = kapps_config:set_default(Config, <<"enable_email_alerts">>, false).
URL = <<"">>.
{ok, _} = kapps_config:set_default(Config, <<"subscriber_url">>, URL).

Note that URL needs to be a binary, that is, not a list.

Via SUP#

sup kapps_config set_default notify.system_alert enable_email_alerts false
sup kapps_config set_default notify.system_alert subscriber_url ''