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Two ways of logging hangups. One can receive alerts via:

  • Email
  • JSON sent as POST to a URL
  • Or both

Mind that if POSTing JSON fails for whatever reason, an email will be sent instead.

Email Notifications Configuration#

You must update the smtp_client document in system_config in order to receive emails from Notify. There are a couple ways to do this.

Sup Commands#

Configure the smtp_client via the command line using sup.

sup notify_maintenance configure_smtp_relay
sup notify_maintenance configure_smtp_username username
sup notify_maintenance configure_smtp_password password
sup notify_maintenance configure_smtp_auth always
sup notify_maintenance configure_smtp_port 123

Couch document#

Update your the smtp_client document via couch manually. Should look like this. Example:

   "_id": "smtp_client",
   "default": {
       "relay": "",
       "username": "username",
       "password": "password",
       "auth": "always",
       "port": "587",
   "pvt_account_id": "system_config",
   "pvt_account_db": "system_config",
   "pvt_created": 63581123482,
   "pvt_modified": 63581123482,
   "pvt_type": "config",
   "pvt_node": ""

After you modify this document to ensure kazoo has the latest config in the cache.

sup notify_maintenance reload_smtp_configs

Update templates#

sup notify_maintenance refresh_template

JSON POSTing Configuration#

Receiving email can be turned on/off by setting enable_email_alerts to true/false (respectively).

The URL through which to receive JSON is ruled by the subscriber_url field. It takes a string representing a valid URL pointing to a valid server. In case this string is causing issues, notify will log the complaint and the method picked up will be email.

The JSON sent has the following fixed fields:

  • Message: the error message emitted
  • Format: the format string of Message. You can match against this field.
  • Subject: subject field if it were an email
  • Details: error-specific information

Setting the system up#

Via Erlang#

Config = <<"notify.system_alert">>.
{ok, _NewConf} = kapps_config:set_default(Config, <<"enable_email_alerts">>, false).
URL = <<"">>.
{ok, _} = kapps_config:set_default(Config, <<"subscriber_url">>, URL).

Note that URL needs to be a binary, that is, not a list.

Via SUP#

sup kapps_config set_default notify.system_alert enable_email_alerts false
sup kapps_config set_default notify.system_alert subscriber_url ''