How to Write Documentation for Kazoo!

Consistency in documentation is a win for everyone, including your future self. Write the docs! We're here to help.


What we're looking for when evaluating documentation:


When writing top-level application docs, we're looking for:

  • Basics of API usage
  • Commonalities among all endpoints
  • ASCII Art of various Erlang process trees, FSM transitions, etc
  • SUP commands available


When writing docs for API endpoints, we'd like to strive for:

  • Example request/response formats
  • As many as needed to demostrate usage
  • Keep it terse - no storytelling needed. Just the facts ma'am!
  • Suggested use cases (brief)
  • Bullet list of common ways to use the API
  • Links to user guides or tutorials of why to use this endpoint
  • Common pitfalls when using the endpoint
  • Conflicting settings to watch out for

Template Rules

When creating a new markdown document, consider the following rules:

  1. Headings should only be h3 (###) or bigger, as h1 and h2 headers are used in the doc-generating code.

You can take a look at the index page and the error include from the slate repo for some of the syntax for creating code samples, tables, etc.

API Descriptions

It would be great to have:

  • An About section briefly describing the endpoint
  • Descriptions of the relevant fields (defined in the schema for the resource)
  • Listing of URI segments available, with HTTP methods
  • Code sample for at least a cURL command; bonus points if you include PHP SDK equivalents.
  • Differences between versions of the endpoint, if any

Tools used

Catologuing some of the tools used:

  • Multi-line search/replace of comment sections: find . -name "*.md" -print | xargs perl -i -pe 'BEGIN {undef $/;} s/\/\*\n.+?\*\///smg'

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