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Blackhole Real-time HTTP Websocket Events#

Binding to events#

The binding syntax is the same used throughout all Crossbar applications, since it is the same as AMQP's binding syntax.

Here are a non-exhaustive list of bindings provided per default callback module: * bh_call: * call.CHANNEL_CREATE.* * call.CHANNEL_ANSWER.* * call.CHANNEL_DESTROY.* * call.CHANNEL_BRIDGE.* * bh_conference: * conference.event.*.* * conference.command.* * bh_fax: * fax.status.*

Writing your own bindings#

Blackhole callback modules provide bindings to Kazoo events. If however you do not find a callback module that provides the bindings you are looking for, you can easily add your own!

  1. Copy bh_skel into bh_mymodule.erl
  2. Make sure the module name is prefixed by bh_
  3. Make sure that it resides in the modules/ directory
  4. Now to make it listen to the events you want:
    • Your Blackhole callback module has to export the following functions:
      1. handle_event/2
        • Receives an EventJObj from AMQP
        • Then, one can do some pre-processing of the data (validation, normalization, ...)
        • And conditionally forward it down the Websockets pipe, calling fun blackhole_data_emitter:emit/3
      2. {add,rm}_amqp_binding/2
        • These two functions bind/unbind the Websocket consumer to the corresponding Blackhole producer.
        • The bindings are added when the Blackhole app starts
        • And removed when it stops