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Kazoo PropEr#

PropEr quickcheck models for various parts of Kazoo.


I like to set console level to critical (chatty otherwise): kazoo_maintenance:console_level(critical).

After each quickcheck, I like to clean soft-deleted account docs from the accounts database: kt_cleanup:cleanup_soft_deletes(<<"accounts">>).

Also, clearing the data traces is good to do: kz_data_tracing:clear_all_traces().


pqc_cb_skels contains a basic module for testing the CRUD-iness of an API endpoint. Copy the source to a new file for named for the API endpoint, change references to "skels" and "skel" to match the endpoint (say "devices" and "device") and modify the "new_{entity}" function to create a bare-minimum version of the entity for creation.

Phone Numbers#

Tests the phone_numbers API

Sequential tests: proper:quickcheck(pqc_cb_phone_numbers:correct()). Parallel tests: proper:quickcheck(pqc_cb_phone_numbers:correct_parallel()).

Cleanup deleted account docs: kt_cleanup:cleanup_soft_deletes(<<"accounts">>).


Tests the ratedeck upload task and rating a DID against account-vs-system ratedecks.

Run a quick sequential test: pqc_cb_rates:seq()


Tests the dedicated IPs endpoint.


Tests fetching recordings